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Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ disorder) affects the temporomandibular joints located where the cheekbone and jawbone meet. The joint acts as a sliding hinge, which allows the free movement of the jaw bone when in motion. TMJ disorder can cause significant pain and discomfort.


The causes of TMD often begin in childhood. Aside from accidents, the most common cause of TMD stems from poor posture, allergies, or other breathing conditions that cause jaw misalignment and facial abnormalities.


  • Facial/Sinus/Ear pain, pressure and soreness

  • Tension headaches

  • Sleep apnea

  • Teeth grinding and tooth sensitivity

  • Unexplained vertigo and tinnitus

  • Jaw stiffness

TMJ Specialists and Treatment in Portland, OR


Aesthetic Smiles is a leading provider of TMJ disorder treatments in Portland, OR. Our TMJ and facial pain clinic has had years of experience treating patients suffering from the constant discomfort of a TMJ disorder. As a leading TMJ Clinic in Portland, Aesthetic Smiles will work diligently to provide treatment options for our patients so they can overcome the pain caused by TMJ disorder.
If you suffer from any of the wide range of TMJ symptoms, schedule a comprehensive TMJ exam with Dr. Maryam Motlagh. We use advanced diagnostic methods such as Computerized Jaw Analysis, Sonography, Electromyography (EMG), and Computed Tomography (CT scans) so we can evaluate your jaw function, TMJ health, and muscle activity more thoroughly.

At Aesthetic Smiles, a leading TMJ and facial pain clinic in Portland, OR, our providers use a combination of cutting-edge treatment options and traditional methodology to provide our clients with the relief they are searching for. We serve patients from all across the state of Oregon, including:

  • Portland

  • Oak Hills

  • Cedar Mill

  • Cedar Hills

  • Beaverton

  • Bethany

  • Hillsboro

  • Tigard

  • Sherwood

  • Tualatin

  • Wilsonville

  • Oregon City

  • Gresham
  • Clackamas

  • Lake Oswego

  • And beyond!


The degenerative nature of TMJ disorder tends to cause more and more orofacial pain along the upper jaw area where it meets the cheekbone. If left untreated for any length of time, simple acts such as chewing, speaking, and even yawning can cause significant pain. At our premier TMJ and facial pain clinic, Aesthetic Smiles will thoroughly examine a patient to determine the disorder’s progression. Depending on the severity, our dental professionals will outline the available treatment options and explain the process in detail to our client.


With our experience in TMJ treatment, our providers know how to effectively reduce pain and discomfort with proven non-invasive modalities. Our state-of-the-art TMJ and facial pain clinic paves the way for a multi-pronged approach to TMJ disorder treatments. It provides the foundation for better health overall and successfully eliminates TMJ disorder. Our TMJ clinic in Portland works with all of our patients, providing them confidence and a renewed sense of energy once their TMJ disorder has been alleviated.


The TMJ syndrome treatment process can be approached differently for everyone. We start with a comprehensive exam to find the root cause of the problem and often address the issue with a multidisciplinary approach, bringing other specialists on board to decide the best treatment plan.

For the first three months, we focus on non-invasive techniques to reprogram and relax the jaw muscles. Once the TMJ symptoms are alleviated, the patient has the option to use the oral TMJ Orthotics long-term or transition comfortably into orthodontic or restorative treatment as needed.

Advanced TMJ Treatment Options:

While many cases of TMJ can be managed with non-invasive treatments, some conditions require a more advanced approach. If your TMJ symptoms persist despite conservative therapies, surgical intervention may be the next step. Below, we've outlined several advanced surgical treatment options for TMJ disorders. It's important to note that these procedures are typically considered when other treatments have failed, and the pain is severe:

  • Arthrocentesis: This is a minimally invasive procedure that involves the insertion of small needles into the joint so that fluid can be flushed through to remove debris and inflammatory byproducts.

  • Arthroscopy: This procedure involves creating a small incision in front of the ear and inserting a small instrument, called an arthroscope, into the joint. The surgeon can then remove inflamed tissue or realign the disc or joint.

  • Open-Joint Surgery (Arthroplasty): Open-joint surgery may be recommended if the jaw pain is due to a structural issue within the joint. This may involve repair, repositioning, replacement of the disc, or even joint replacement.

  • Total Joint Reconstruction: In severe cases where the joint is severely damaged, a total joint reconstruction may be necessary.

  • Prosthetic Total TMJ Replacement: This treatment involves replacing the TMJ with an artificial implant. This is usually reserved for severe conditions that have not responded to other treatments.

We Answer ALL Your TMJ Related Questions!

The Aesthetic Smiles team has NO issue educating you on all things TMJ. Each patient is different, and so is the way we approach treatment. It's only right that we can provide the answers our patients are looking for. We'll give you clarity on any of the following TMJ and treatment-related questions:

  • What are the different treatment options available for Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ)?

  • How effective are the different treatments for TMJ?

  • What are the potential side effects of these treatments?

  • How long does it usually take to see improvement after starting a treatment?

  • Are there any non-surgical treatments for TMJ?

  • Do lifestyle changes, such as diet and exercise, impact TMJ treatment outcomes?

  • Can physical therapy help in treating TMJ?

  • Are there any risks associated with TMJ surgery?

  • How long is the recovery period after TMJ surgery?

  • Will I need to take medication for TMJ? If so, what kind and for how long?

  • How often will I need to follow up after the treatment begins?

  • Are there any home remedies or exercises that can help manage TMJ symptoms?

  • How does TMJ treatment affect my overall dental health?

What Happens if TMJ Goes Untreated?

It's natural to hope that the symptoms of TMJ might resolve on their own, but ignoring the problem can lead to more serious complications over time. Here's what can happen when TMJ goes untreated.

Chronic pain is a common consequence of untreated TMJ. The discomfort can extend beyond your jaw to include your neck, shoulders, and even your back. Over time, this can significantly impact your quality of life, making daily activities like eating, talking, or laughing uncomfortable.

Untreated TMJ can lead to progressive degeneration of the temporomandibular joint itself. This can result in a decrease in jaw mobility, making it harder to fully open and close your mouth. In severe cases, this could even cause a permanently locked jaw.

TMJ disorders can also affect your dental health. The misalignment associated with TMJ can cause uneven wear and tear on your teeth, causing tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral health problems. And one of the lesser-discussed realities of TMJ is that the chronic pain and discomfort associated with the condition can have psychological impacts as well. These might include stress, anxiety, depression, and difficulties sleeping.

The good news is that treatment for TMJ disorders is available and often very effective. So, instead of suffering alone, look to TMJ specialists and treatment clinics in Portland, OR, like ours! We can provide the right level of care to guide you back to proper health.


For many years, the team at Aesthetic Smiles, in our TMJ clinic located in Portland, OR, has led the charge when it comes to providing affordable procedures to treat dental issues that impact an individual’s entire life. With our experience as a leading TMJ and facial pain clinic, we have helped countless individuals reclaim their lives after receiving TMJ treatments at our Portland TMJ clinic. With Aesthetic Smiles looking out for you, you can begin to enjoy life again with an ear-to-ear smile.

Contact us today or visit our TMJ treatment clinic, or ask about additional services, including our Vivos treatment for sleep apnea and Myoaligner for dental and facial aesthetics.

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