What is TMJ?

What causes TMJ?

What are the symptoms?

If you suffer from any of the wide range of TMD symptoms, schedule an comprehensive TMJ exam with Dr. Maryam Motlagh. 


As needed, we use advanced diagnostic modalities such as computerized jaw analysis, sonography, electromyography (EMG) or CT scans so we can evaluate your jaw function, muscle activity and TMJ health more thoroughly.


Professional Diagnosis

TMJ Treatment:

What to Expect

The TMJ treatment process is different for everyone. We start with a comprehensive exam to find the root cause of the problem and often address the issue with a multidisciplinary approach, bringing other specialists on board to decide the best treatment plan.


For the first 3 months we focus on non-invasive techniques to reprogram and relax the jaw muscles using functional oral appliances. Once the TMJ symptoms are alleviated, the patient has the option to use the appliances long term, transition into orthodontic treatment for long term stability or receive restorative treatment as needed.

TMJ Education