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Many adults have some form of dental-related anxiety, which can prevent people from receiving the best preventive dental care they can. With Aesthetic Smiles, patients can receive quality general dentistry in Portland, Oregon, and have all of their fears melt away within one visit to our center. Our team features a mix of the most highly-trained dentists, orthodontists, and periodontists that Portland, Oregon has to offer.

 Aesthetic Smiles is available for residents all across Oregon, including:

  • Portland

  • Oak Hills

  • Cedar Mill

  • Cedar Hills

  • Beaverton

  • Bethany

  • Hillsboro

  • Tigard

  • Sherwood

  • Tualatin

  • Wilsonville

  • Oregon City

  • Gresham

  • Clackamas

  • Lake Oswego

  • And beyond!


Regular general dentistry visits to your Portland, Oregon dental team can help you receive the care you need. If gingivitis and gum disease occurs, our trained periodontists can provide the necessary treatment. Our team is dedicated to treating existing gum conditions and taking preventative measures to ensure these issues do not reoccur.


Routine preventative care can prevent gum disease, decay, and other dental conditions before they can develop. Our general dentistry team offers comprehensive checkups, screenings, and periodontal cleanings for the entire family.


Our team helps determine the best practices and products for your daily oral hygiene routine. We also offer dental sealants for added protection from bacteria and tooth decay. When needed, we can provide bio-compatible dental restorations to re-establish optimal oral health. Keep up with regular cleanings to get yourself one step closer to that perfect smile!


Our Portland, Oregon-based orthodontists work with you to give you a confidence-boosting smile that you deserve. People will often think that they cannot do anything about their teeth without invasive or long-term procedures — but they would be wrong!


Crooked and misaligned teeth can affect your confidence and self-esteem. As an alternative to traditional metal braces, our office provides Invisalign® and Clear Correct to provide orthodontic treatment. Both of these methods use clear, removable aligner trays to exert gentle pressure on your dental arches, pushing teeth into straighter, more even positions.


Clear aligners are used mainly for cosmetic concerns and are not recommended for patients who suffer from TMJ disorders. For patients suffering from TMJ and related pain, Myoaligner® may be the best fit for you.


When finding a general dentistry center in Portland, Oregon, you want a team that places their patients first. They're composed of local dentists that know what they're doing and work to alleviate any anxiety you may feel about your upcoming procedure.


With many patients suffering from dental anxiety or about to undergo a lengthy procedure, you may benefit from our safe, effective sedation options. Aesthetic Smiles' approach to dentistry has transformed patient comfort during dental procedures. We offer both nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation to ensure you remain at ease during treatment at our office.


Patients who have avoided dental visits for years can receive the vital care they need for a healthy smile through sedation. We also offer soothing music, warm neck pillows, and blankets to naturally take the body to a relaxed, meditative stage.


We provide deep cleanings to remove difficult-to-reach pockets of bacteria. Dr. Motlagh is passionate about educating you as her patient about the anatomy of your teeth and gums, ensuring a more effective at-home cleaning routine.


Aesthetic Smiles provides the best general dentistry care around the Portland, Oregon area. Our team also offers:




If you want to schedule an appointment with the Aesthetic Smiles team, you can contact us today! Our general dentistry practice in Portland, Oregon, cannot wait to see you soon!

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