Botox as a TMJ Treatment

Treatment Outcomes

Who's a candidate?

Understanding Botox Dentistry

Face Complexion

Botox Dentistry is a treatment intended to relax the muscles and provide patients with pain relief that stems from muscle spasm.  The effects of Botox treatment often lasts for several months. 

Beautiful Smile

Research shows that muscle spasm in the face is often the root cause of unwanted wrinkles, poor facial profile and tension in the face.

Filling Out a Medical Form

For more long term results we suggest  addressing the root cause. We have found that pairing Botox treatments with Myoaligner® or Vivos® treatment  protocols, address the muscles that are adapting to a poor jaw alignment. 


Dr. TerryLynn Tennant's expertise in using Botox in dentistry has helped many patients reduce muscle spasm in their face, ultimately alleviating tension headaches as well as achieving  a more youthful facial profile. 

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