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At Aesthetic Smiles we take a comprehensive approach to dental care. Beyond cosmetic smile enhancement, we understand the relationship between dental health and occlusion, muscle function, swallow function, breathing, posture and many other factors.


Our team is dedicated to providing the highest-quality of care while treating the root cause of your symptoms.


TMJ, Cosmetic Dentistry

​"I have dedicated my professional life to helping patients improve, not only their smiles but their overall health, with natural, non-surgical, & bio-remodeling treatment modalities through the practice of  general dentistry."


To satisfy her passion of helping suffering patients overcome pain, Dr. Motlagh has dedicated the last two decades to focusing on occlusion related alignments. 

After graduating from OHSU School of Dentistry, Dr. Motlagh sought extensive training in post-doctorate institutes such as the Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Spear Institute & Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental studies. 

As a Fellow of International College of Craniomandibular Orthopedics, Dr. Motlagh's passion for offering a conservative approach to TMJ disorder treatment lead to the research and development of Myoaligner®;

a treatment protocol that helps realign the bite and the jaw non-surgically, ultimately alleviating the majority of TMJ related pain and headaches. Dr. Motlagh enjoys collaborating with her colleagues through study clubs and seminars and enjoys helping her patients while practicing dentistry in Portland Oregon.


Sleep Apnea, Airway

"I believe collaborative, comprehensive and non-invasive treatment solutions are the best way to help patients with sleep & breathing issues." 


Dr. Tennant is passionate about helping her patients breathe better for improved overall health. For the past 2 decades, she has put the primary focus of her practice on occlusion related Sleep Breathing Disorders. Dr. Tennant is on the Clinical Advisory Board of VIVOS® Therapeutics, Inc. and is helping to rid the world of Sleep Apnea. Dr. Tennant is now treating people of all ages with a proprietary, non-invasive, nonsurgical treatment option for the treatment of mild to moderate sleep apnea, snoring, and sleep-disordered breathing. 

Dr. Tennant works closely with specialists in both dentistry and medicine to provide patients with latest options of bio-remodeling to achieve maximally functional upper airways. In order to address the root cause of Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Dr. Tennant implements a variety of treatment modalities such as the VIVOS® system. By remodeling the upper jaw and the mid face, she helps patients breath and swallow more efficiently.  This method also balances and enhances the facial aesthetics giving patients a more youthful look. 


Hygienist, RDH, Myofuntional Therapist

Nanette has been a hygienist for almost 20 years and is very excited about being a new addition to the Aesthetic Smiles team. She has completed her education in Myofunctional therapy and continues to keep up to date with the latest in dentistry through continuing education.  


Dental Assistant

Jamie has been a dental assistant for over 16 years. With a dental assistant certification from Concord Career Institute, Jamie has working in everything from Pediatrics to Oral Surgery and Implant Placing. She is X-Ray certified and FODA certified.


Dental Assistant

Lisa has been a dental assistant for over 22 years. After receiving her certification from Apollo College of Medical Careers in Portland, OR, Lisa pursued her passion for helping her community through health & wellness. She is EFDA & X-Ray certified. 


Office Manager

Katie received her dental assisting certification in 2015. Her passion for helping others and creating a new dynamic for all patients led her to discover her curiosity of Sleep Apnea & breathing wellness. ​In her free time Katie enjoys Oregon Ducks football and traveling.


Patient Care Coordinator

Diana graduated from Portland State University with a focus on pre-dental. While in school, Diana assisted at OHSU.


Her hobbies include shopping, ice skating, traveling and spending time with her family. 


Finding a family and cosmetic dentistry service that you can trust is essential for your long-term oral health. With friendly faces in your corner, your dentist-related anxiety melts away, and residents of Portland, Oregon can focus on receiving the care you need.


At Aesthetic Smiles, we take a comprehensive approach to family dentistry. Beyond cosmetic smile enhancement, our team of Portland, OR, dentists understand the relationship between dental health and occlusion, muscle function, swallow function, breathing, posture, and many other factors.


Aesthetic Smiles provides our patients with a variety of dental procedures. Some of these family and cosmetic dentistry services include:




As one of the best family and cosmetic dentistry centers in Portland, OR, we make sure to take great care of our patients no matter what type of improvements they are looking for. Our patients can expect various cosmetic dental procedures to restore their confidence and take their smiles to new heights.


Patients visiting our offices expect the best service they can get. We work to create an environment where you can receive the cosmetic dentistry you want to get that confident looking smile you deserve.



For patients searching for “cosmetic dentistry offices near me,” Aesthetic Smiles aims to provide the best local option for the people of Portland, Oregon and beyond. Our dentists work to provide our patients with the cosmetic dental procedures they need.


Our team has experience with a range of cosmetic dental procedures that can help our patients. We help with veneer operations, Botox applications, teeth whitening and straightening, or anything else our patients need to feel good about their smile again!



At our family and cosmetic dentistry center, we work with the people of Portland to give them the dental care they deserve. Our team looks forward to meeting the different people from the community and helping them reach new levels of confidence every time they smile.


But you don’t have to take our word for it. To showcase our talent and skill to every person searching for “dentists near me,” we offer our potential patients the before and afters of some of our happy cosmetic dentistry patients.



People feeling anxiety before undergoing dental procedures want to see what people look like after they have experienced similar operations. With Aesthetic Smiles’ before and after images, we aim to provide that relief for our new patients. We show you how we have helped countless other patients just like you and will continue to support moving forward.


Finding the right family and cosmetic dentistry practice can prove challenging for new patients. They want to find a team with the right combination of experience, bedside manner, and skill to do the procedures and help reduce some of the dental anxiety. We offer these services across the state of Oregon, including:


  • Portland

  • Oak Hills

  • Cedar Mill

  • Cedar Hills

  • Beaverton

  • Bethany

  • Hillsboro

  • Tigard

  • Sherwood

  • Tualatin

  • Wilsonville

  • Oregon City

  • Gresham

  • Clackamas

  • Lake Oswego

  • And beyond!



Now that you have decided not to let your dental anxiety prevent you from getting the dental services you deserve, we can help! If you want to schedule your next appointment with one of the premier cosmetic and family dental practices in Portland, contact Aesthetic Smiles today!

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