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When most people hear the word Botox, they immediately think of plastic surgery and nothing else. They do not consider the other potential applications it can have across the medical field and how it can help patients during specific procedures. In Portland, OR, Aesthetic Smiles has used Botox during our dental consultations to great effect. Our Botox dental services found at our TMJ and orofacial pain clinic can provide relief to patients suffering from a wide range of ailments.

Ailments Botox Treatments Can Help With

Our faces represent a complex series of interconnected bones, muscles, and tendons that can quickly get out of alignment. As our facial muscles and jawbones get out of alignment, temporomandibular joint disorders can develop and pose a significant problem for patients. Letting these conditions fester and worsen can lead to long-term side effects that require more invasive procedures.

Since TMJs can stem from disruptions in your facial muscles and force them to become taut, Botox in dentistry has become a more common tool in the dentist’s arsenal. Botulinum toxin causes muscles to relax, enabling your dentist to provide the relief you need.

Benefits of Dental Botox Treatments

While dental Botox injections can be considered a short-term solution to your problems — injections can last up to three months — there are additional benefits patients across the Pacific Northwest can experience from their trip to the dental office.

Reduced Tooth Grinding and Jaw Clenching

One of the most common habits people have when they feel nervous or anxious is grinding their teeth. It’s sometimes an unconscious tick, but one that can lead to significant tooth damage. Combined with over clenching your jaw, you can do much more damage to your overall health than you realize.

With the help of dental Botox injections, you can address lingering issues with your poor clenching and grinding habits with ease. These treatments can help you relax your facial muscles, unclench your jaw, and provide you with much-needed relief.

Help Your Dentures Fit More Easily

Dentures and false teeth require your mouth to fit a particular way to enable a strong and secure fit. If the muscles become out of place or the lip muscles have repositioned, it becomes more difficult to get the fit perfect for your mouth. Botox injections in the lips can help your muscles relax and help retrain them to fit snug around the new dentures and make for a smoother transition.

Get the Aesthetically Pleasing Smile You Always Wanted

No matter at what point in your life, having the perfect smile is something you strive for with your dental care. While you can have perfectly centered and white teeth, if your lip line is out of place or too high, it can become something you hyper-fixate on in pictures. Regular dental Botox injections can help lower this lip line and provide you with the smile you always wanted, and it’s a minimally invasive option that pays high dividends for your new smile.

Treat Acute Facial Pain with Aesthetic Smiles!

Getting Botox dental requires going to a staff with the proper training, equipment, and experience to do the job safely and effectively. With the city of Portland’s own Aesthetic Smiles on your side, you can rest assured that your smile is in good hands. Contact the Aesthetic Smiles team to schedule your next appointment with a qualified Botox dentist today!

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