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Melatonin: The COVID Cure?

Updated: May 31

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What's the Problem?

For starters, there is currently no cure for COVID. However, recent studies have shown a promising link between the potent, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties of melatonin and COVID-19 therapy. Research shows "indications of melatonin reducing the severity of the disease, and the overblown immune response and subsequent severe damage to the lungs that is present in the virus’ most critically ill patients" (Michael J. Breus, Ph.D).

Melatonin is a hormone released from the pineal gland, intended to regulate the sleep cycle. Other effects of melatonin include stress suppression and an immune system boost. With COVID-19, research has shown that the infection possibly attacks the melatonin synthetic pathway which results in reduced melatonin levels. "If patients do not generate sufficient amounts of melatonin their health status is likely compromised" (Frontiers in Medicine). As the virus has exemplified with those who catch it, a weak immune system can be deadly. This is why getting proper sleep is one of the easiest things you can do to protect yourself from infections.

How Can We Help?

In January of 2020, the Aesthetic Smiles team welcomed Dr. TerryLynn Tennant, a certified Vivos Clinical Advisor. The Vivos appliance is a bio remodeling device specifically used to treat patients with Sleep Apnea. Especially in this time of COVID, treating Sleep Apnea, or addressing sleep issues can be critical to improving your health.

In our office, we offer take-home sleep tests to check sleep quality. If you are someone who wakes up foggy, suffers from headaches, or feels tired and sleepy throughout the day we highly recommend taking a sleep test.

A quick consultation with Dr. Tennant can change your life drastically. Especially in this time of uncertainty, maintaining proper melatonin levels is vital. Visit our website to learn more about treatment options and to find out if you're a candidate for a sleep test!

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