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Here's a List of the Biggest Closures Happening Due to the Coronavirus #COVID19

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Over the weekend, panic surrounding the coronavirus seemingly took to a whole new level. This is largely due to the unfortunate news that over 1,000 people have died in Italy since February. Countries have shut their borders, entire neighborhoods have been quarantined, and pop culture staples have taken massive responsibility to keep the community safe.

Just to list a few, here are some of the biggest shutdowns and closures that happened this week.

1. Disneyland Closure:

Beginning on Saturday, Disneyland officials have announced park wide closures for both Disneyland Resort & California Adventure Park. The Walt Disney Company has stated their cast members will continue to receive pay, and they are working to accommodate as many guests as possible.

2. New York City Announces State of Emergency:

Bill De Blasio, the Mayor of New York City, declared a state of emergency. After announcing over 300 confirmed cases of coronavirus in NYC, Mayor De Blasio described the situation as “striking and troubling,” continuing to say, “there is no precedent for this.”

3. NBA Season Postponed Indefinitely, NCAA March Madness Cancelled

With the amount of crowds drawn in the height of basketball season, it was no surprise that NBA & NCAA officials decided to cancel there respective seasons. Both schedules are expected to be re-released at a later date.

4. School Closures

Across the country, schools have taken to the use of online courses in an attempted to continue education during this time. Recently, many schools K-12 have been temporarily closed for deep cleanings and sterilization.

5. Mass Gathering Bans

Most states are implementing new policies, including bans of mass gatherings over 100 people. This includes churches, concerts and other events; however it this policy does not yet pertain to schools.

Especially now, it is everyone's responsibility to protect the surrounding communities. If you are feeling sick or have been around someone sick, try and contain your interactions. For those who are feeling healthy, continue to practice good hygiene and try to limit your exposure to public areas.

For more information on how you can protect yourself from the #COVID19 virus, check out more blogs on

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