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Suzan Before and After a YoungFace® Procedure.


A deep bite was causing her teeth and restoration to break. 


Jeff Before and After a YoungFace® Prodecure.

After years of tooth grinding, the shape of Jeff's facial profile and smile changed. With YoungFace® treatments we were able to improve his facial profile and bite alignment with Full Mouth Reconstruction. 


Heather Before and After a Smile Makeover Procedure. 


Heather came to our office with only four front teeth instead of six, missing her lateral incisors. Her smile makeover was achieved in two appointments with L.A.S.E.R. gum contouring and veneers.


Maryann Before and After a Smile Makeover Procedure.

"I had a severe pain in my jaw while speaking, chewing and even at rest. I suffered through this for maybe 4 years. Through treatment Dr. Motlagh positioned my teeth to be more correctly aligned and it feels so much better"


Roxanne Before and After a YoungFace® Prodecure.


Years of mismatched dentistry had poorly affected Roxanne's bite alignment and smile. The YoungFace® procedure brought Roxanne a youthful look, not only improving her smile but her overall facial beauty. 


Demi Before and After a YoungFace® Prodecure.

Demi was experiencing tooth loss, severe neck & jaw pain and acceralted aging of her face. Her treatment involved deep muscle relaxation with ulf-TENS and new orthodics to correct her facial profile and re-establish her muscle memory. After treatment her smile was restored with natural ceramic implant restorations, porcelain veneers and ceramic crowns. 


Almine Before and After a YoungFace® Prodecure.


Almine came to Dr. Motlagh with concerns about her lack of definition in her jawline. She was experiencing accelerated facial aging wanted a defined jaw line, which we corrected with YoungFace® Dentistry procedures. The result of the treatments gave Almine an elongated facial profile and overall improved beauty.

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