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Tooth Be Told: Dentists' Who Care About More Than Just Your Oral Health

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Meet The Doctors

Meet Dr. Maryam Motlagh, a general and cosmetic dentist who specializes in complex facial structure issues related to mal-occlusion at her private practice, Aesthetic Smiles. Dr. Motlagh has dedicated her professional life to helping patients improve not only their smiles but their overall health, with non-surgical and

bio-remodeling treatment modalities through the practice of general dentistry.

After graduating from OHSU School of Dentistry, Dr. Motlagh sought extensive training in post-doctorate institutes such as the Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Spear Institute and Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental studies. As a Fellow of International College of Craniomandibular Orthopedics, Dr. Motlagh’s passion for offering a conservative approach to treatment of TMJ disorders, lead to the research and development of Myoaligner®; a treatment protocol that helps realign the bite and the jaw non-surgically, ultimately alleviating the majority of TMJ related pain and headaches.

Seeking collaboration, Dr. Motlagh recently partnered with Dr. TerryLynn Tennant, a general dentist who specializes in sleep and upper airway treatment by addressing the root cause of the problem. Dr. Tennant believes that collaborative, comprehensive and non-invasive treatment solutions are the best way to help patients. For the past 2 decades, Dr. Tennant has put her primary focus on treating occlusion related Sleep Breathing Disorders with epigenetic, orthotropic and orthodontic treatment modalities. As a Clinical Advisor for VIVOS® Therapeutics, Inc. Dr. Tennant pioneers in ridding the world of sleep apnea by treating children and adults of any age with a proprietary, non-invasive, nonsurgical option for the treatment of mild to moderate sleep apnea, snoring, and sleep-disordered breathing.

A Comprehensive Approach to Patient Care

Dr. Motlagh and Dr. Tennant's comprehensive approach treats the whole body when addressing a specific symptom. For example, a patient like Heather who suffers from TMJ disorders, may experience intense headaches and jaw clicking when she eats & talks. Instead of suggesting she take pain relief medications or other temporary solutions, Dr. Motlagh will determine the root cause of her pain. In this case, her pain is caused by the misalignment of her upper and lower jaw and a small mid face. Correcting her jaw shape and alignment will relieve her from the immediate symptoms; as well as addressing other issues such as trouble breathing & sleeping. The added bonus of this type of treatment is often improved facial symmetry and enhanced facial profile giving a face lift effect without surgery or fillers.

The Development of Myoaligner®

The majority of patients who suffer from TMJ related pain, do not receive proper treatment or end up with invasive and surgical solutions. With the mission to improve patients lives on a larger scale, Dr. Motlagh and a team of professionals founded Myoaligner®, LLC in 2017. Myoaligner® helps general dentists offer predictable treatment solutions to their TMJ patients. By naturally relaxing the jaw muscles and allowing the jaw to realign to the optimal rest position, most patients can be relieved from jaw pain and headaches caused by a bad bite after using the custom patent pending appliances by Myoaligner®.

Potential candidates include patients suffering from: overbite or underbite, chronic tension headaches, severe tooth grinding, collapsed facial profile, TMJ pain, poor jaw alignment, jaw muscle spasms, and patients who are unhappy with their facial profile.

VIVOS® in The Practice

More than 22 million Americans suffer from mild to moderate sleep apnea, which has been shown to be directly correlated with anxiety and chronic fatigue. If left untreated, it can lead to numerous serious health conditions or even death. The first steps in the journey to whole-body health is an effective breathing wellness program.

The Vivos System is a multi-disciplinary treatment protocol that may treat your sleep apnea and sleep disordered breathing issues. The treatment, which averages 12-24 months in duration, is non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical.

Not only does the quality of life improve, but an effective breathing wellness program can reduce the risk of dangerous conditions such as hypertension, stroke, diabetes, ADD/ADHD, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Schedule a Consultation

Along with Sleep Apnea and TMJ treatments, Aesthetic Smiles offers an array of services including: Myofunctional Therapy, Botox for headaches, Smile Makeovers, dental implants and general dentistry. Schedule a consultation today to see if Aesthetic Smiles is a good fit for you!

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